How to Enter a Work Request

How to Enter a Work Request


Step 1: You clicked on the link to the Support Portal and selected Facilities Management, so now you are here:

Step 2: Click on the red button.


Step 3: Sign in so the system knows you and you can avoid typing your email each time you make a request.


Step 4: Select from one of the 3 categories listed.

  1. AC/Heating Scheduling – this is to be used by designated administrative staff only. If you have an after-hours need for air, please contact your designated campus or building administrator. Tip: If you need after-hours air for your classroom or meeting space, feel free to use the over-ride button on your thermostat. We have a Knowledge Base article on that for more information.




  1. Facility Repair – click if something is broken or needs service.


  1. Facility Modification – this is used by the campus principal, department director or designees only. Submit your requests to them for approval and they will take it from there.


Step 5: Select the Location site where the work is to be performed.



Step 6: Tell us the room number of where the repair work is needed. If there is no room number, we need to know the name. For example: North wall of 3rd Grade hallway.


Step 7: Give us a few words to help us understand your request. This will access any available Knowledge Base articles on the subject and may give you the information you need to solve the problem.


Step 8: Now, we need the details of the work you need done. The better the information we have, the quicker we can perform the work.


Step 9: Feel free to include any documents such as photos. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words and that certainly applies here. Just drag them to the Add File box. Simple as that.



Last step. Just click Submit and you will receive an email shortly after sending letting you know that your request processed.

As the status of your request changes, you will be emailed the update that explains what is going on with the work. For example, if we need to order parts, we’ll let you know via email. The last email will let you know that the work has been completed.


We believe you will find this to be a simple and speedy process.

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