Thermostat Timed Override (TOV) Feature

How to enable the override feature on your thermostat

The timed override feature, which is available on the majority of our sensors, enables the
occupants of an area to temporarily enable the HVAC equipment to become occupied at
unoccupied hours of the day for a certain period of time, 30 minutes for the classrooms and 60
minutes for the office areas. Please follow the following steps to enable the timed override

Step 1: Press and hold the occupied button for 5 seconds, above is the one of the sensors you
may have. Please keep in mind what the thermostat is set to when trying to enable the TOV

Step 2: Please allow between 5‐7 minutes for the HVAC equipment to turn on, pressing the
occupied button again before this time will cancel the request.

Step 3: If you plan to stay for an extended period of time and the TOV feature expires, please
repeat Step 1 to enable the feature once again.

Note: Please note on Exception 1 and Exception 2 in order to enable the timed override feature
push The UP arrow button to activate the sensor and push the UP arrow button once again to
begin the feature. Exception 2 will a have a blank screen at an unoccupied time, simply touch
the sensor anywhere on the screen to awaken it.

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